A message to prospective graduate students

I accept students through the Graduate Group in Ecology, mostly for PhD programs but I will also consider students wanting to pursue Masters degrees. At present I'm considering taking outstanding students interested in spatial dynamics and community ecology. However, my ability to take students is usually dependent on funding and the waxing and waning of grant funds. If you think we are a good match then send me an email. Students from groups that are currently under-represented within ecology are particularly encouraged to apply.

In general I seek students who have strong fundamental interests in population or community ecology, and spatial dynamics, especially in metacommunities. Motivation frequently comes from applied conservation, but there also needs to be interest in discovering and improving the underlying theory that is relevant. Students should have relevant experience of research in ecology, either an interest or a tolerance for mathematical biology or statistics and strong writing skills. I do not have a strong taxonomic bias in the organisms of study but they need to be appropriate for the questions being asked so that appropriate data is possible to collect. My previous and current students are or have conducted field projects, lab microcosm studies using protists and bacteria, more theoretical projects, or mixes of these. Being a generalist, I am also open to supervising more mathematically or statistically oriented students. I suggest checking out my recent publications and research pages to figure out what common ground we have before contacting me. Students who are successfully admitted usually have GRE's with an average scores in the 80th percentile or greater, and an undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or usually greater (or a graduate GPA of higher than 3.5).

Marcel Holyoak, September 2007