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Ph.D., Ecology University of California, Davis Expected June 2008

Dynamic models of ecological and evolutionary processes in the wet tropics of Australia and New Guinea. Jim Quinn and Mark Schwartz (co-chairs), Craig Moritz.

B.S., Biology with Special Honors University of Texas, Austin May 2003

Place prioritization and irreplaceability analysis for biodiversity conservation in Ecuador using modeled vegetation classes as surrogates.


   NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant, 2007 (co-PI) $12,000

   UC Davis Office of Graduate Studies Travel Award, 2007 $1000

   UC Davis Jastro Shields Research Fellowship, 2006, 2007 $5,500

  Environmental Futures Network, Early Career Research Grant, 2006 (co-PI) $15,000

   UC Pacific Rim Research Program Grant, 2005 (PI) $24,800

   NSF East Asia Pacific Summer Institute, June 2005 $7000

   UC Davis Graduate Studies Research Fellowship, September 2003 $3000

   NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 2003-2007 $121,500

   NSF International Travel Award, September 2006 $1000

   Undergraduate Research Fellowship, September 2002 $1000



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Fuller, T., S. Cameron and S. Sarkar, 2003. Selecting Landscape Units for Restoration to Establish Connectivity in a Conservation Area Network: A Graph-Theoretic Model. Society for Ecological Restoration International Annual Conference. Austin, TX, USA.



Teaching Assistant, UC Davis (50%) Principles of Ecology B (Graduate) Winter 2007

Teaching Assistant, UC Davis (50%) Principles of Ecology A (Graduate) Fall 2005

Teaching Assistant, UC Davis (75%) Conservation Ecology (Graduate) Winter 2005

Teaching Assistant, UC Davis (50%) Population Dynamics and Estimation Spring 2004



Graduate Student Researcher, step 4 University of California, Davis 01/06-09/06

Graduate Student Researcher, step 3 University of California, Berkeley 09/03-12/03

Undergraduate Research Assistant University of Texas at Austin 06/02-09/03



Society for Conservation Biology Ecological Society of America

Society for the Study of Evolution Society for Conservation GIS


Academic Service

Executive Committee, Graduate Group in Ecology 2006-2008

Admissions Review, Graduate Group in Ecology 2005; 2006

Graduate Student Association Representative 2003-2004

Mentor, McNair Scholars Program 2003-2004




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