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I have lived in Davis and worked at UC Davis for the past 23 years. I live with various animals, my wife Mandy, and my kids. Although work and proposal-writing sometimes consumes all my time, I also give myself time to garden, work with bees, spend time with the kids, canoe, mountaineer, surf-kayak, and read.

Recent Publications

Seo, K., D. Salon, F. Shilling, M. Kuby (in press) Pavement condition and residential property values: a spatial hedonic price model for Solano County, CA. Transportation Research Record.


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Recent Courses and Seminars

“General Ecology” (4-unit undergraduate class equivalent to UC Davis ESP100) at the Thai Nguyen University for Agriculture and Forestry, Vietnam, Fall, 2013.

Social Surveying Methods” (2 & 4-unit graduate course), for CRD and GGG methods credit, UC Davis, Spring, 2011.

Improving Community and Landscape Connectivity (2-unit graduate seminar), Transportation Studies Program, University of California, Davis, 2009 (Fall).

"Road Ecology: Road Effect Zone" (2-unit graduate seminar), Transportation Studies Program, University of California, Davis, 2008 (Winter).

"Road Ecology" (4-unit graduate course), Transportation Studies Program, University of California, Davis, 2007 (Spring).






I have 3 main areas of research: environmental pollution and policy, transportation & landscape ecology, and sustainability indicator systems for whole system condition reporting. I am Co-Director of the Road Ecology Center and Academic Federation member of the Department of Environmental Science and Policy. I support graduate students and others in each of my research areas and am always open to more. My research is extramurally funded through grants and contracts, from local, state, and federal sources. Recent studies and publications of mine have addressed environmental justice issues associated with Bay-Delta decision-making and contamination, connectivity assessment and planning at multiple geographic scales and with changing impacts, and development of multi-metric systems for evaluating the condition of combined social, environmental, and economic systems. A couple of projects I founded are: the Sustainability Indicators Project, the California Roadkill Observation System, the Maine Audubon Wildlife Road Watch, and the Wildlife Observation Network. My newest endeavor in web-based environmental monitoring is looking at near-term sea level rise and its impacts on people and natural systems.

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Watershed assessment and adaptive management, road ecology and wildlife crossing, environmental justice (especially fish contamination), & ecosystem services and indicators

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