Mark W. Schwartz

Conservation science for climate change adaptation



Office: 2108 Wickson
Department of Environmental Science & Policy
1 Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616
Phone: (530) 752-0671
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Iara Lacher -- patterns of rarity in plants and climate change.

Susana Cardenas -- assessing the capacity of tourism to foster marine conservation in the Galapagos.

Casey Peters --Grassland Restoration ecology in coastal California.

Jill Spear. rarity, conservation and geofloras of California.


Director, John Muir Institute of Environment, July 1, 2009-

Chair, Graduate Group in Ecology, 2004-2009.

Board of Governors, Society for Conservation Biology, 2006-2009.

Faculty affiliate, Center for Population Biology

Faculty affiliate,. John Muir Center for the Environment

Former graduate students

Sophia Gehlhausen (MS- 1994). MS. The ecology of forest edges.

Ron Panzer (PhD -1996). Northeastern University. Fire and insect conservation in Midwestern prairies.

Jennifer Riggle (MS -1998).

Phil van Mantgem (PhD - 2000). Forests, climate change and fire. USGS Biological Resources Division. Arcata, CA.

Christy Brigham (PhD - 2003). Natural Resource Ecologist. Santa Monica National Recreation Area.

Kelly Lyons (PhD- 2003). Trinity University, San Antonia, TX. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning in grassland systems.

Jason Hoeksema (PhD - 2004). University of Mississippi. Linking fungal and plant community ecology.

Sarah Otterstrom (PhD - 2006). Paso Pacifico, A Nicaragua based conservation NGO.  Founder and President.

Michele Mills (PhD - 2006). Geographical and taxonomic patterns of rarity. High school teacher, San Antonio, TX.

Tasila Banda (PhD- 2007). Old world Dry tropical forest ecology.

Susan Cameron (PhD - 2008). Multi-species conservation planning in a spatial context. Post-doctoral Associate. University of Florida.

Elizabeth Bella (PhD - 2009). Invasive species biology an d climate change. Lincoln University, New Zealand.

John Williams (PhD - 2009). UC Davis. Tropical Forest Ecology.

Tuyeni Mwampamba (PhD - 2009)--UNAM - Morelia. Climate change and  forest conservation.

Christopher Dolanc (PhD- 2011)-- . University of Montana. climate change and sub-alpine forest vegetation


Former Post Doctoral Associates

Dr. Rob Blair. Professor. University of Minnesota.

Dr. Diane Thomson. Associate Professor. Claremont College.

Dr. Felipe Dominguez Lozano. Lecturer. Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.


I am a plant ecologist with diverse, primarily conservation-oriented interests. My main research projects include: (a) assessing climate change adaptation strategies for montane and coastal environments in California; (b) assessing patterns in the geographic and taxonomic distribution of rare plants in the US and Canada; (c) modeling distribution shifts in species under climate change; and (d) assessing the challenges posed by climate change with respect to managed relocation of conservation targets; and (e) conservation decision makng.

I have ongoing long-term monitoring projects on mapped forest plot community dynamics (1986-present) and the population dynamics of the endangered tree, Torreya taxifolia, (1989-present), both in northern Florida.

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