Chicken Tractor

Chicken Tractor is a bluegrass and acoustic music band from Davis, California. It features Samanatha Olson (fiddle/vocals), Mark Lubell (guitar/vocals), Jon O'Brien (bass/vocals), Jim Thorne (mandolin/vocals), and Sean Feder (banjo/vocals). The original members of the band have been playing together for five years. All of us have full-time jobs, but share a love for music. Chicken Tractor plays at various local events, including bars, the Davis Farmer's Market, weddings, parties, and other gatherings. We have a lot of fun! Below are some .mp3 files of a few songs that we recorded on February 23, 2008. Three of the songs are originals: "Boomtown"(note this one is a rough recording...bonus track!) by Mark Lubell is about the gold rush and features several references to California, "Will You Wait" by Jim Thorne is kind of a love song, and "Old White Chevrolet" by Mark Lubell is about the standard issue vehicle and culture of the Central Valley. The recording was all done live. The name of the recording project is "Barnstorming", since we recorded on a farm in Esparto during a rainstorm. Thanks to Dan Warren, population biology graduate student, for the help recording. You should be able to listen to these on any media player, although they may take some time to download depending on your connection.
Body And Soul(Jon lead vocal; Sam backup)

Boomtown (By Mark Lubell; Mark lead vocal; Sam/Jon backup)

High on a Mountaintop (Take 1; Sam lead vocal; Jim/Jon backup)

High on a Mountaintop(Take 2)

Old White Chevrolet (By Mark Lubell; Take 1; Mark lead vocal; Jim/Sam backup)

Old White Chevrolet (Take 2)

Salt Creek (a fiddle tune)

Will You Wait (By Jim Thorne; Jim lead vocal; Mark/Sam backup)