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Contributors to local diversity: Current lab members


Graduate students

·        Sacha Heath arriving Fall 2011.

·        Patrick Grof-Tisza (pgroftisza at jointly advised by Rick Karban

·        Cory Overton (coverton at jointly advised by Don Strong

·        Emil Aalto (aalto at jointly advised by Marissa Baskett

·        Quenby Lum (qlum at jointly advised by Will Horwath

·        Tawny Mata (tmmata at


Already dispersed: former lab members


Graduate students

·        Kim Preston, living in Seattle

·        Michele Buckhorn (tiburona at; mbuckhorn at jointly advised by Peter Moyle; Prince William Sound Science Center, Alaska

·        Melanie Gogol-Prokurat (mgprokurat at, California Department of Fish and Game

·        K Jun Bando. PhD 2005 -- US State Department, Washington DC.

·        Theresa S. Talley. PhD 2005 – University of San Diego

·        Matthew D. Schlesinger. PhD 2006 -- Chief Zoologist, New York Natural Heritage Program.

·        Jennal L. Shinen. PhD 2007--Postdoc in Chile.


·        Florian Altermatt (faltermatt at March 2009 for 18 months. Link to Florian’s personal home page. Faculty, at EAWAG, Zurich

·        Theresa S. Talley PhD. Home page.

·        Kendi Davies -- Assistant Professor, University of Colorado. Home page.

·        Drew M. Talley PhD – Assistant Professor, University of San Diego. Department page.

Postgraduate Researchers

·        Annette Bieger (annettebieger at


·        Valerie Offeman--Biotech technician.

·        Molly Koch -- Environmental Scientist, Department of Water Quality, California Water Resources Control Board


·        Nick Haddad -- on sabbatical leave here July 2006 to May 2007. Home page

·        Rachel Zisook – former undergraduate Assistant.

·        Sara Wood Hogle – former undergraduate Assistant, now a Vet in Reno, NV.



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