Graduate Students

The current graduate students in the Grosholz Lab share a variety of interests in estuarine and marine ecology.

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Megan Kelso

Ph.D. student (entered 2010)

Research interests: climate change, biological invasions, estuarine plant communities.

Project: The effects of sea level rise and altered salinity patterns on Lepidium latifolium invasion in salt marshes.

Rachel Wigginton

Ph.D. student (entered 2012)

Research interests: food web ecology, biological invasions, wetland conservation/restoration, estuarine invertebrate communities

Project: Impacts of invasive plants on tidal wetland ecosystem functions (ex: food web support, geochemical processes), with an emphasis on the implications for management, restoration, and recovery of functions.

Jason Sadowski

Ph.D. student (entered 2013)

Research interests: Climate change, marine biological invasions, marine invertebrate ecology, invasive/native species interactions

Project: The effects of species invasion and climate change on non-consumptive effects

Jordan Hollarsmith

Ph.D. student (entered 2014)

Research interests: Climate change, biogeography and local adaptation, kelp forests, genetic responses to climate stressors

Project: Local adaptation of giant kelp to pH and temperature variability across hemispheres

Ben Rubinoff

Ph.D. student (entered 2016)

Research interests: Biological invasions, climate change, estuarine ecology, fouling communities

Project: Effects of climate change and invasive species on fouling community diversity and function

Janet Walker

SDSU Joint Doctoral Program (entered 2015)

Research interests: coastal community ecology, salt marsh ecology, plant-plant interactions, mutualisms, estuarine restoration

Project: Understanding the trophic and non-trophic effects of habitat modifiers on community dynamics in California salt marshes

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