Graduate Students

The current graduate students in the Grosholz Lab share a variety of interests in estuarine and marine ecology.

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Ben Rubinoff

Ph.D. student (entered 2016)

Research interests: Biological invasions, climate change, estuarine ecology, fouling communities

Project: Effects of climate change and invasive species on fouling community diversity and function

Priya Shukla

Ph.D. student (entered 2018)

Research interests: climate change, shellfish aquaculture, marine disease ecology, thermal acclimation

Project: Does thermal acclimation improve disease resistance in the Pacific Oyster, Crassostrea gigas?

Angela Korabik

Ph.D. student (entered 2018)

Research interests: climate change, biological invasions, kelp ecology, environmental stress

Project: The effects of climate change and biological invasions on kelp reproduction and community composition

Ricardo DeSantiago

SDSU Joint Doctoral Program (entered 2018)

Research interests: Food web dynamics, nutrient subsidies, multiple stressors including human nutrient inputs, climate change, and invasive species

Project: Understanding how the invasive rockweed, Sargassum horneri, impacts communities along the southern California coast and the Channel Islands

Julie Gonzalez

Ph.D. student (entered 2019)

Research interests: biotic interactions, food web ecology, biological invasions, wetland conservation/restoration

Project: Understanding sea-level rise impacts on physical and biological processes in estuaries and reconciling ecological and social metrics to assess marsh restoration outcomes

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