Some questions we get asked frequently in the field.

We know you're curious..

  • Why are you taking Green Crabs out of Seadrift?
    The extremely large amount of Green Crabs in Seadrift have all but driven out the other species of crabs that are native to Seadrift Lagoon, as well as other large invertebrates and fish. We are working to restore native populations and restore balance to the ecosystem.
  • What do you do with the crabs after you capture them in traps?
    After trapping the crabs, we bring them in for processing. This includes counting and recording the size and sex of the crabs, as well as any abnormalities/injuries.
  • What do you do with them after you process them?
    Once we are finished measuring and sexing the crabs, they are donated to Gospel Flat Farm, a local farm in Bolinas where they are used as compost. We have been told by the farm owners that the green crabs make for great crop fertilizer due to the large amounts of calcium in their exoskeleton combined with nitrogen in the tissue.
  • What's with those buoys in front of my house?
    The buoys mark the location of our traps/experiments. Our research is very dependent on location, so please don't move the buoys or anything under them! They are placed in a precise spot so that we get good, accurate data. If you feel strongly about the buoys and would like them moved from their current location near your dock/house, please let us know and we will do our best to accomodate you.