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Marissa L. Baskett

Department of Environmental Science & Policy
University of California, Davis
One Shields Ave, Davis, CA 95616

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I use mathematical modeling to understand and quantify ecological and evolutionary responses to environmental variability and change in space and time.  In an ecological context I explore the drivers of ecological resilience to environmental change, and in an evolutionary context I explore the potential for rapid evolutionary responses on ecological time scales to affect population dynamics. To bridge basic and applied science, I focus on cases of human-driven global environmental change such as fisheries, artificial propagation, and climate change.  Specific topics include:
  • Comparing management options to mitigate the unintended fitness consequences of aquaculture and hatcheries, by both drawing from and contributing to the theory of gene flow and local adaptation
  • Quantifying the potential for rapid evolution in response to climate change and informing management to protect adaptive capacity, particularly in coral reef systems
  • Understanding the potential drivers and consequences of resilience in both temperate and tropical reefs
  • Exploring the roles of species interactions, fisheries-based selection, and spatial management (e.g., marine reserves) in ecosystem-based fisheries management.

For more information including a full list of publications, see my CV in html or pdf format. 


Undergraduate courses:
Population Ecology (ESP 121), taught alternate years Environmental Analysis (ESP 1), co-taught 2009-2014

Graduate courses:
Conservation Ecology (ECL208), taught every year
Computational Methods in Population Biology (ECL/PBG233), co-taught alternate years
Graduate Research Fellowship Proposal Workshop (ECL298), taught 2010, 2013
Topics in Ecology and Evolution (ECL296/PBG292), taught 2008-2011

Last updated August 2013