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Communication Resources: Writing & presenting advice

Science writing

Spencer Hall's resources on writing, talks & posters, and authorship & reviewing (where I found some of the below as well)
The Science of Scientific Writing
Me write pretty one day: how to write a good scientific paper
How to write a scientific paper
Some comments on writing and editing
10 simple rules for structuring papers
Notes on writing papers and theses
How to write a paper in scientific journal style and format
The five pivotal paragraphs in a paper
How to write consistently boring scientific literature
Some tips for scientific writing
PLoS Ten simple rules for getting published
Where to publish? A Handbook of Journal Outlets for Contributors to Conservation Science
Targeting journals and covering letters
A brief guide to science writing and publishing
Tomorrow's Professor:
How to Sharpen Your Writing and Make Your Manuscripts More Engaging
Writing Nonlinearly
Getting Unstuck
Developing Rituals
Making Your Research Paper Discoverable: Title Plays the Winning Trick

For theoretical ecologists
How to write a theoretical ecology paper that people will cite
Advice on writing modeling papers for mixed theoretical/empirical audiences

Authorship in ecology: attribution, accountability, and responsibility
Ecology 101: Explicit authorship
ScienceCareers: Accountability and authorship

Peer review
From BMJ: How to peer review a manuscript and survive peer review
Writing an effective manuscript review
PLoS Ten simple rules for reviewers
A guide to peer review in ecology and evolution
Grant writing

Louis Gross's Notes on Writing and Getting Grants
NSF Guide for Proposal Writing
Tips for Proposal Writing
ESA student workshop on How to Write a Successful Grant Proposal
The Chronicle: "How to Fail in Grant Writing"
Model fora Collaborative Research Proposal
PLoS Ten simple rules for getting grants
NatureJobs: Impact: Pack a punch

How to get funding
Funding basics
Titles, abstracts, significance, clarity, putting it together, the research plan


Scientifically Speaking, from the Oceanography Society (comprehensive talk and poster advice)
Tips for Effective Communication in Ecology

Specific to talks
Mortal Sins in Oral Presentations
PLoS Ten simple rules for making good oral presentations
Pointers for Successful PowerPoint Presentations
Avoiding PowerPoint Perils
The assertion-evidence structure
Giving an Academic Talk
Talking about science
Scientific presentations recommended by DIALOG and DISCCRS participants
Dazzle 'em with Style: The Art of Oral Scientific Presentation
Presentation help and tips
How to give a successful oral and poster presentations
How We Present Our Science: Tips for Students
Plea from a Symposium Goer
How Real Scientists Give Talks
Ecology Teaching Tips for First-year Professors

Specific to posters
Mortal sins of Poster Presentation
PLoS Ten simple rules for a good poster presentation
Do's and Don'ts of Poster Presentation
Designing conference posters
Designing scientific posters

Color blind check
IAN symbol libraries
The noun project
Perceptual Edge: examples of quantitative figure design

ScienceCareers: Teaching 101, Pedagogy
Carleton Geosciences: Effective, Efficient Teaching
UVA Center for Teaching Excellence resource page
Videos for teaching ecology
Theoretical ecology teaching resources

Know of any links that should be included in these lists but aren't?  See something out-of-date?  Please let me know!

Last updated Nov 2016