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Grant & job resources

This page compiles two types of resources:
1. Academic career development: searching, applying, interviewing, negotiating, and navigating academic jobs
2. Funding & job searches: grants, postdoc funding, grad funding, and job searches (resources on grant writing are on the writing/presenting page)

Know of any links that should be included in these lists but aren't*?  See something
out-of-date?  Please let me know!
*Note that, to keep it at least somewhat contained, this page is devoted to resources for pursuing academic careers (i.e., PhDs, postdocs, and faculty positions), especially in the field of ecology and evolutionary biology. 

Academic career development

Source Searching/overview Applying Interviewing Negotiating Starting the job
Spencer Hall's Resources for grad students and post docs Job quest in ecology and evolution
Applying, interviewing, and getting the job you want in Academia
Getting Yourself on the Shortlist
Interviewing for academic jobs

Seminar suggestions
The B&B primer on first job haggling
ScienceCareers: The academic scientist's toolkit
Writing a research plan
Tips for a successful CV
Writing a winning cover letter
Writing the teaching statement
Interviewing plus additional related articles
The job talk
Overview of the process and key negotiating points
DIALOG/DISCCRS Resources for Early-Career Development Academic Job Hunting Tips and Advice In Pursuit of the Perfect Letter of Reference Preparing for an academic job interview
Navigating promotion and tenure: strategies for the newly-employed
Chronicle of Higher Education: Careers and information for first-time applicants
The basic science of C.V.'s
C.V. for the sciences
The basics of cover letter writing
How to write a statement of teaching philosophy
Getting great letters of recommendation
Asking the Right Questions
What to do when they say, 'tell us about your research'
How to handle difficult interview questions
Giving a job talk in the sciences
How would you teach this class?
The right start-up package for beginning science professors

Faculty salary stats
Pushing them through
From seminar to study group
Tomorrow's Professor Matching your characteristics to the institution: #91 Applying for academic positions: #105
Writing a teaching philosophy statement: #998, #193
Interview preparation guide for positions in academia: #94
The academic job talk: #1085, #31
Campus interview - the research presentation: #749
Talking Yourself Up - How to Score Points During an Interview and What to do After it's Over: #977
General principles for responding to academic job offers: #47
The right start-up package - it's not just about the money: #56

Others UCOP Academic Career Advice Articles

The Job Search from Carleton Geosciences

Applying for a job, haggling for a job, and keeping a job

NCEAS Academic Career Development Advice

The Graduate Junction: Advice forum

Rice University NSF Advance program: Negotiating the Ideal Faculty Position
Joan Strassman's Tips for Job Applicants
Qualms and questions for an academic interview

Questions to ask (and be prepared to answer) at academic job interviews

The "Be Yourself" Myth
Negotiating your first faculty position Carleton Geosciences Early Career pages with advice on teaching, tenure, etc.
Nature's guide for mentors
Advisor, teacher, role model, friend
HHMI/BWF Resources for the Development of Early-Career Scientists: Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty and Entering Mentoring
Advice for pre-tenure faculty from the University of Washington
Management for Beginners
Time management for new faculty

Funding & job searches

Grants ~ Postdoc funding ~ Grad funding ~ Academic job searches

Governmental Non-profit/foundations Databases
NSF Biological Sciences
NSF Biological Oceanography
NSF CAREER (faculty early career development)
NSF Waterman (young researchers)
Department of Agriculture
Department of Defense
NOAA Sea Grant
Comparative Analysis of Marine Ecosystem Organization (NSF/NOAA)
Center for Disease Control
Environmental Protection Agency
Bureau of Land Management
Tahoe Basin
Mellon Foundation (conservation and the environment)
Packard Foundation (conservation and science)
Burroughs Wellcome Fund (biomedical sciences)
Guggenheim Foundation (natural sciences)
Beckman Foundation (young investigators in life sciences)
Sloan Foundation (science and technology)
Heinz Endowment (environment)
Mott Foundation (environment)
Moore Foundation (environmental conservation and general science; solicited proposals only)
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
AAAS Women's International Science Collaboration
James S. McDonnell Foundation (specific topics in science)
Community of Science

Postdoc funding
Institutional postdocs
Underrepresented groups
NSF postdoctoral fellowships in Biology
NSF Science, Engineering, and Education for Sustainability Fellows
NSF Ocean Science Postdoctoral Research Fellowships
Society for Conservation Biology Smith Fellows
World Wildlife Fund Kathryn Fuller Science for Nature Fund
Environmental Leadership Program
James S. McDonnell Foundation Fellowship in Studying Complex Systems
National Academy of Sciences Research Associateship Programs
Life Sciences Research Foundation
NOAA Climate and Global Change
USGS Mendenhall Research Fellowship Program
Living Oceans Foundation
Presidential Management Fellowship Program
AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships
NAS Christine Mirzayan Policy Fellowships
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars
American Philosophical Society Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biological Science
National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS)
National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent)
National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS)
National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC; note Graduate Scholars program too)
UC Davis Center for Population Biology
University of Michigan Society of Fellows
Miller Research Fellowships (Berkeley)
UCLA La Kretz Center for California Conservation Science
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Friday Harbor Laboratories (UW)
Institute for Marine and Coastal Sciences (Rutgers)
Center for Ocean Solutions
Santa Fe Institute
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Mathematical BioSciences Institute (MBI, Ohio State University)
Smithsonian Institution
American Museum of Natural History
University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment
Brown University Environmental Change Initiative
Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships
Graduate Women in Science
American Association of University Women
UC President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Grad funding
Field work support
Underrepresented groups
Cornell Graduate School Fellowships Database National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants, Biological Sciences and Graduate Research Fellowship Program (see also here as well as the UM advice on the NSF GRFP)
Environmental Protection Agency Science To Achievement Results (EPA STAR) and National Network for Environmental Management Studies Fellowship Program
National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship
Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Fellowships
Department of Energy Graduate Fellowship Program and Graduate Research Environmental Fellowship
Smithsonian Institution
NRC Research Associate Programs
USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Fellowships (predoctoral and postdoctoral)
National Academy of Sciences Research Associateship Programs
Welder Wildlife Foundation Fellowships
The Teresa Heinz Scholars for Environmental Research
Wildlife Conservation Society Research Fellowship Program
Switzer Environmental Fellowship Program
American Museum of Natural History Grants and Fellowships
Sigma Xi
Explorers Club
The Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research
National Geographic Waitt Grants
National Sea Grant
West Coast Sea Grant
Steven Berkeley Marine Conservation Fellowship (AFS)
International Society for Reef Studies/The Ocean Conservancy Fellowship
Living Oceans Foundation
PADI Foundation
Project AWARE
Cen Cal California Marine Sciences Scholarship
Harriett G. Jenkins Predoctoral Fellowship Program
Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships
Graduate Women in Science
Association for Women in Science
American Association of University Women
Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program (NOAA - marine)
Soros Fellowship for New Americans (international students)

Academic job searches
Status Listings Listservs
Ecology and evolution jobs wiki
Positions - ESA Physiological Ecology (faculty, postdoc, and graduate)
Science Careers
Ecological Society of America > Career Opportunities
ESA Theory Section Wiki (faculty, postdoc, and graduate)
Society for Conservation Biology
Evolution Jobs
Postdocs: IBP Pathways to Science
Council of Environmental Deans and Directors: Jobs, Fellowship, and Awards Opportunities (academic and non-profit jobs; all levels)
Community Of Science
Academic Careers Online
Sigma Xi Resource Center
ESA Theory Section Wiki
Ecolog listserv (grants, faculty and postdoc job postings, news, etc. related to ecology)
DISCCRS  and DIALOG listservs (grants, faculty and postdoc job postings, news, etc. related to climate change and aquatic sciences, respectively)

Last updated April 2014