University of California, Davis

ENV 200 - ESP/ECL 212B: Environmental Policy Evaluation

Fall 2020


Mike Springborn
Associate Professor
Department of Environmental Science & Policy
2104 Wickson Hall
mailbox: ESP Office 2132 Wickson Hall

Office hours: By appointment most days of the week--arrange by email.


Schedule of lectures and assigned readings (includes links to most articles)

Syllabus details (see course description, texts and grading)           

Key concepts list: Useful for directing your reading and studying for exams.

Master bibliography of relevant papers and references in lecture.

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Guidelines for assignments:

Helpful general resources for presenting that we will discuss (note that both sets of slides below are included in these Slides on presenting):

Alley, M. and Marshall, M. (2011)  Rethinking the Design of Presentation Slides.  University Park: Penn State.

Marshall, M. (2011)  Before-and-After Examples.  University Park: Penn State.

See this expandable mind map for an overview of useful concepts in environmental economics (adapted from a flow chart by Robert Stavins).

Note: this works for me in my Firefox browser (but Chrome/Edge get hung up on Flash/Javascript)

economic analysis of environmental