University of California, Davis

ESP/ECL 212B: Environmental Policy Evaluation

Spring 2016


Mike Springborn
Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Science & Policy
2104 Wickson Hall
mailbox: ESP Office 2132 Wickson Hall

Office hours: By appointment most days of the week--arrange by email.

Class Meetings 2016:  Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 A.M.--noon  Wickson 2124             


* 4/6:  Note for presentations: (1) Please send me your slides 24 hours in advance so I can provide feedback before class; (2) recall that I'm asking you to implement the assertion-evidence approach in your slides.   

* 3/29: CITRIS and others at UC Davis are announcing an inaugural small seed grants competition (up to $5K) to support pilot projects that promote social good, foster collaboration across disciplines within UC Davis, and enable outreach with community organizations.


Schedule of lectures and assigned readings (includes links to most articles--NOTE: some readings are "gated" and you will have to be logged in to Smartsite for the link to work)

Syllabus details (see course description, texts and grading)            

Master bibliography of relevant papers and references in lecture.
See this expandable mind map for an overview of useful concepts in environmental economics (adapted from a flow chart by Robert Stavins).

economic analysis of environmental policy


Guidelines for assignments:

1. Essay:  BCA  (doc) , due in class on 4/21   

2. Essay: Climate Change 
(doc) , due in class on  5/19

3. Essay: Biodiversity 
(doc due on  6/9 by email