University of California, Davis

ESP 165: Climate Policy

Spring 2017


Mike Springborn
Associate Professor
Department of Environmental Science & Policy
2104 Wickson Hall
mailbox: ESP Office 2132 Wickson Hall

office hours:  Tuesdays 1:300 - 2:30pm (and by appointment)

Class lectures: T/Th, 3:10-4:30pm, Wellman 115
Midterm: take-home (early May)
Final: take-home

Announcements (newest first)

* 6/7/17: Here's the key for translating the short codes you'll find on your graded essays.


Schedule of lectures and assigned readings (includes links to most articles--NOTE: some readings are "gated" and you will have to be logged in to Smartsite for the link to work)

Syllabus details (see course description, texts and grading)

Writing: Expectations for formatting and content.


Short essay #1 (docx):  Current climate science  (due in class on Tuesday, April 18 Thursday, April 20)

2.  Short essay #2 
(docx):  Big bang versus policy ramp (due in class on Tuesday, May 2).  

3.    Short essay #3 
(docx): California climate policy (due in class on Thursday, June 1).