University of California, Davis

ESP 162: Environmental Policy

Winter 2022

Mike Springborn
Associate Professor
Department of Environmental Science & Policy
2104 Wickson Hall
mailbox: ESP Office 2132 Wickson Hall

office hours: flexible by appointment

Course links

Study priorities for exams:
  1. Key concepts and problems
    • Key concepts list: Useful for directing your reading and studying for exams.
    • Review problem sets
    • Review additional practice problems:
      • Appended to problem sets
      • Appearing on old midterms: 2016, 2017 and 2018. [Not provided: (1) 2019/2020--I didn't teach ESP 162 those years, (2) 2021--was unique/online, (3) answer keys, or (4) example final exams].
  2. Readings (in particular questions posed below)
  3. Slides/notes from lecture
Also helpful:
  1. Review of key models used:  a one-stop shop for some of our key models.
  2. ESP 162 Concept Map on Miro: an overview of key ideas in the course (screenshot below)-->