Welcome to the Resource Economics and Policy Lab

My lab applies empirical and theoretical quantitative methods to study the design and evaluation of policy instruments for the conservation of natural resources.  
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James N. Sanchirico

Environmental Science and Policy
University of California, Davis

Associate Director,
UC Davis Coastal and Marine Science Institute

University Fellow

Resources for the Future
Washington, DC

UC Davis Center for Environmental Policy and Behavior

UC Davis John Muir Institute for the Environment

Landscapes by
Jean Sanchirico (sister)

Law and Economic
Research by Chris Sanchirico (brother)

Sample of current lab projects:

Sample of recent publications: (Here is a link for reprints):

  •  Characterizing Uncertainty and Learning in the Economics of Resource and Environmental Management, Review of Environmental Economics and Policy. Forthcoming.

  • Bioeconomics of managed relocation. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. Forthcoming.

  •  Returns from aligning management resolution with ecological variation in a coral reef fishery. Proceedings of the Royal Society B.2016.

  • Fishermen, Markets, and Population Diversity.  Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. (2015) 74: 37-54.

  • Secure Sustainable Seafood from Developing Countries. Science. 2015 (May 1). 348(6234): 504-505. [News Story on Piece]

  • Efficiency costs of social objectives in tradable permit Programs. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. 2015 (Sept). 2(3): 339-366.

  • Optimal approaches for balancing invasive species eradication and endangered species management. Science. 2014 (May 30). 334(6187): 1028-1030.

  • Measuring benefits from a marketing Cooperative in the Copper River fishery. American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 2014. 1-18

  • Benefits of the Ballot Box for Species Conservation. Ecology Letters. 2014. 17(3): p. 294-302

  • A density projection approach for non-trivial information  dynamics: Adaptive management of stochastic natural resources. J. of Environmental Economics and Management. 2013. 66(3): p. 609-624.

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