ESP 110. Principles of Environmental Science (4) III. Lecture 3 hours, discussion 1 hour. Prerequisites: Mathematics 16B or 21B, Physics 1A or 5A, and Biological Sciences 1A. Application of physical and chemical principles, ecological concepts, and the systems approach to the analysis of problems in air and water pollution, water treatment, climate change, and similar topics.

The objective of this course is to give majors in Environmental Biology and Management and Environmental Planning and Policy Analysis  a professional level introduction to the applied physical and chemical environmental sciences and to hone their quantitative skills. I place considerable emphasis on problems sets and a quantitative term project. Students who master the material will be able to solve basic environmental engineering problems and to collaborate effectively with engineers and other physical environmental scientists on more complex problems. Students from other majors are welcome.

The current text for the class is G.M, Masters' Introduction to Environmental Science and Engineering, Second Edition.

Example midterm

Project suggestions

Example of an "A" project

Homework keys: Will be provided as homeworks are graded

Discussion of turbulent diffusion and Fick's Law, with problem

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