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Orlove, B., Wiegandt, E., Luckman, B. H, 2008  The place of glaciers in natural and cultural landscapes. In Orlove, B., Wiegandt, E., Luckman, B. H, eds. Darkening peaks: glacial retreat, science and society. Berkeley: University of California Press. Pp. 3-19.

Broad, K., Orlove, B. 2007 Channeling globality: The 1997-98 El Niņo climate event in Peru. American Ethnologist 34(2):283-300


Marx, S., Weber, E., Orlove, B. Leiserowitz, A. Krantz, D., Roncoli, C., Phillips, J. Two Communication and mental processes: Experiential and analytic processing of uncertain climate information. Global Environmental Change 17(1):47-58


Orlove, B. 2005 Human adaptation to climate change: a review of three historical cases and some general perspectives. Environmental Science and Policy 8(6):589-600.

Orlove, B., Kabugo, M. 2005 Signs and sight in southern Uganda: representing perception in ordinary conversation. Etnofoor 18(1):124-141

Orlove, B., Broad, K., Petty, A. 2004 Factors that influence the use of climate forecasts: Evidence from the 1997/98 El Nino event in Peru. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 85(11):1735-1743.

Orlove, B., Chiang, J., Cane, M. 2002 Ethnoclimatology in the Andes: A cross-disciplinary study uncovers a scientific basis for the scheme Andean potato farmers traditionally use to predict the coming rains. American Scientist 90(5):428-435.

Orlove, B., Chiang, J., Cane, M. 2000 Forecasting Andean rainfall and crop yield from the influence of El Niņo on Pleiades visibility. Nature 403:68-71.


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