Principal Investigator

    Susan Harrison


    Anu Eskelinen

    Stella Copeland

Graduate Students

    Erica J. Case

Adjunct Faculty

    Hugh Safford

Former lab members



Current Projects

Environmental change in the Klamath-Siskiyou region, 1949-present (Harrison)

Effects of climate change on serpentine endemic plants (Harrison, Going)

Global change and California grasslands: plant traits, plant-soil feedbacks, and soil fertility (Eskelinen, Harrison)

Abiotic and biotic effects on plant distribution across topographic microclimates (Copeland, Harrison)

Effects of goatgrass invasion on serpentine grassland communities (Case, Harrison)

Potential for assisted migration of serpentine endemics (Spasojevic, Harrison, Dr. Howard Day)

Phylogenetic community structure across environmental stress gradients (Anacker)

Evolutionary pathways to serpentine endemism in the California flora (Anacker, Justen Whittall, and Harrision).

Project Archives

Research in the Harrison lab seeks to understand the processes that shape and maintain plant species diversity at the landscape scale, where small-scale forces such as competition and facilitation interact with large-scale forces such as niche evolution and dispersal.

See selected publications for more information on lab research.

The Harrison Lab

Harrison lab circa 2011: From left to right, top row: Brian Anacker, Marko Spasojevic, bottom row: Stella Copeland, Erica Case, Barbara Going, Susan Harrison, Anu Eskelinen