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 Individual Information

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NameAndy Sih
TitleDistinguished Professor
Office2106 Wickson Hall
Office LocationOpen Floor Plan
WebsiteWeb link
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EducationPh.D., 1980, Ecology, University of California at Santa Barbara / B.S., 1974, Biology, State University of New York at Stony Brook
Areas of InterestAndy's Sih's laboratory works on the evolution of ecologically important behaviors (predator-prey, mating, and social behaviors) life history traits, and how these influence population and community ecological patterns. Most projects examine freshwater organisms - e.g., fish, amphibian larvae, crayfish, insects and other freshwater invertebrates. Current applied ecological interests include studying effects of pesticides on predator-prey interactions, and behavioral mechanisms underlying species invasions. He accepts graduate students through the graduate groups in Ecology, Animal Behavior, or Population Biology.
Recent PublicationsSih, A., T. Wey and A.Chang. 2014. Effects of behavioural type, social skill and the social environment on male mating success in water striders. Animal Behaviour 94:9-17.
 Sih, A. 2013. Understanding variation in behavioural responses to human-induced rapid environmental change: a conceptual overview. Animal Behaviour 85:1077-1088.
 Sih, A., J. Cote, M. Evans, S. Fogarty and J. Pruitt. 2012. Ecological implications of behavioral syndromes. Ecology Letters 15:278-289.