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2012-13 Year ESP Course Offerings

ESP 010Current Issues in the EnvironmentWinter3
ESP 092Internship (lower Division)Any Quarter1-12
ESP 100General EcologyFall & Winter4
ESP 105Evolution of Societies and CulturesNot Offered4
ESP 110Principles of Environmental ScienceWinter4
ESP 111Marine Environmental IssuesSummer1
ESP 121Population EcologyWinter4
ESP 127Plant Conservation BiologyWinter4
ESP 150APhysical and Chemical OceanographyFall4
ESP 150BGeological OceanographyWinter3
ESP 150CBiological OceanographySummer4
ESP 152Coastal OceanographySummer3
ESP 155Wetland EcologyFall4
ESP 155LWetland Ecology LaboratoryFall3
ESP 160Environmental Decision MakingSpring4
ESP 161Environmental LawSpring4
ESP 162Environmental PolicyWinter4
ESP 163Energy and Environmental Aspects of TransportationFall4
ESP 168AMethods of Environmental Policy EvaluationFall5
ESP 170Conservation Biology PolicyNot Offered4
ESP 171Urban and Regional PlanningSpring4
ESP 172Public Lands ManagementFall4
ESP 173Land Use and Growth ControlsSummer Abroad4
ESP 175Natural Resource EconomicsSpring4
ESP 178Applied Research MethodsWinter4
ESP 179Environmental Impact ReportingWinter3
ESP 191AWorkshop on Food System SustainabilityFall3
ESP 191BWorkshop on Food System SustainabilityWinter3
ESP 192Internship (upper division)Any Quarter1-12
ESP 199Special Study for Advanced UndergraduatesAny Quarter1-5
ESP 212AEnvironmental Policy AnalysisSpring4
ESP 252Sustainable Transportation Technology and PolicyNot Offered3
ESP 299ResearchAny Quarter1-12